DeYeast Library

Designer yeast strain library optimized for metabolic engineering applications
Acronym: DeYeast Library

Project coordinator
-Dr. Kiran Raosaheb Patil - European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg - Germany
Project leaders
- Prof. Isabel Rocha - University of Minho, Braga - Portugal
- Dr. Sonia Carneiro - SilicoLife, Guimaraes - Portugal
- Dr. Peter Koetter - Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitat, Frankfurt/M. - Germany
- Prof. Jochen Forster - Technical University of Denmark, Hørsholm - Denmark

Saccharomyces cerevisiae is one of the most widely used cell factories in industrial biotechnology. Moreover, several novel biosustainable processes using S. cerevisiae that are today under development
have the potential to replace traditional petro-chemical synthesis. However, the development of optimized cell factories for the production of novel compounds is a time-consuming process and represents a significant cost/time burden. DeYeastLibrary project will help overcoming this hurdle by using cutting-edge computational and experimental tools. The project will exploit the biochemical design principles of nature for constructing a pre-optimized library of platform strains with improved precursor supply, which will accelerate the development of yeast-based bioprocesses. In the DeYeastLibrary project, these platform strains will find application in creating more efficient cell factories for sustainable production of vanillin, poly-hydroxy butyrate (PHB), n-butanol and succinic acid.